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7 Color Photon Ultrasonic Facial Cleanser Skin Lifting Device


7 Color Photon Ultrasonic Facial Cleanser Skin Lifting Device


  1. Best Choice for Skin Makeover
  2. Ultrasonic Facial Cleanse & Exfoliat
  3. 4 Sonic Vibration and Nutrition Import Modes, Muscle Relax
  4. 7 Colors LED Photon Light Skin Therapy
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The NM-SN9 ultrasound cleanser contains millions of microwaves that destroy the solid dirt inside the skin’s pores. It’s a great tool for facial care. High acoustic pulse frequency can smooth skin tone, eliminate fine lines, clean dirt, grease, or cosmetic residues. Massage your skin with low acoustic pulse frequency, relax your muscles, improve blood flow, promote collagen growth, and restore skin elasticity. Beauty and skincare!

Ultrasonic Facial Cleanser & Exfoliate & Import

Nm-sn9 ultrasonic cleanser for deep pore-clogging, creative construction, curved design, unique concave ultrasonic probe.3 megahertz of high-frequency vibrations break up stubborn dirt in the pores. It also activates water molecules to penetrate deep into the skin, softening and draining the muddy material. Unique concave ultrasonic cleanser, high-speed vibration to accelerate blood circulation, remove stubborn pore obstruction, refreshing skin!

Ultrasonic cleaner, warm evaporation lotion or toner essence, at the same time after deep cleaning, pores completely open, negative ion import, easily import nutrient absorption treatment!

LED Photon Therapy

7 color photon therapy: red, blue, purple, yellow, green, blue light. Multicolor photon stimulates and improves collagen proliferation, enhances the inhibition of inflammation, whitens, smoothens, and tightens the skin.


1. Unique creativity, curving design, unique concave ultrasound probe, more suitable for skin, washing, and importing synchronously.
2. 7-color led photon therapy instrument improves skin texture, suitable for dry and oily skin, not suitable for use after makeup.
3. Continuous mode – fast nutrition introduction, fresh skin
4. Slow intermittent mode – skin cleaning and nutrition introduction
5. Quick intermittent mode – gentle cleaning, nutrient introduction
6. Faster intermittent mode – deep skin cleansing, nutrition introduction
7. 4 LED photon flicker processing modes:
8. Continuous mode – skin tenderness, recovery, whitening and acne removal
9. Monochrome intermittent mode – gently soothes and restores the skin
10. Multi-color slow intermittent mode – skin whitening balance
11. Multicolor fast intermittent mode – increases brightness and resistance


Material: ABS + Stainless steel
Output: 15V 1A
Power: 15W
Treatment Frequency: 15 minutes/time
Color: White&Black
Size: 17cm(L)*7cm(W)*5cm(H)

Packing List

Ultrasonic Facial Cleaner x1
Power Cord x1
Adapter x 1
Package Box x 1

LED Photon Therapy Ultrasonic Facial Cleanser Ultrasonic cleaner skin cleaning acne removal skin whitening fresh skin skin care deep cleaning


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