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Radio Frequency Facial Eye Care Skin Tightening Beauty Device


Radio Frequency Facial Eye Care Skin Tightening Beauty Device


1.Radio Frequency For Face Anti-aging

2.Radio Frequency For Facial Body Wrinkle Removal

3.Radio Frequency For Face Skin Care


What is an RF machine?

Radio frequency machines are beauty and cosmetic devices that use waves to penetrate the skin surface and catalyze collagen formation (Source). This RF machines are frequently used for face lifting, skin tightening.

Can I use RF everyday?

Radio frequency (RF) is one category on this spectrum,and includes a lot of common energy types we use every day: WiFi signals, radio and TV waves, and microwave ovens.

The RF energy used in skin tightening is in the ballpark of 450 kilohertz, which is on the slow end of the radio frequency range.

Is RF safe for face?

Radio frequency in FDA-cleared non-surgical tissue tightening is highly controlled for your safety.

Clinical studies have demonstrated an excellent safety profile on RF procedures for skin tightening,whether it be for vaginal rejuvenation, facial skin tightening, or body contouring.

Packing list:

1×main machine
1×rf handle
1×rf handle cable
1×power cable


eye-rf-machine anti-wrinkle wrinkle-removal skin tightening dark circles removal Radio frequency eye massage


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