Comparing 30k, 40k, and 80k Cavitation Machines

30k Vs 40k Vs 80k Cavitation Machine: Which One Should You Choose?

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When it comes to ultrasound cavitation, many of us are so confused by the numbers like 30K, 40K, and 80K. Is a 30K cavitation machine better than 40K or on the contrary is the higher the number, the better the effect? Don’t get frustrated about it, you are not alone here, in this piece we’d like to share more information about cavitation machines to help you select the best machine based on your individual needs. 

difference of 30k vs 40k vs 80k Cavitation

30k, 40k, 80k, what do these numbers actually mean?

To figure out which of these types is the best choice for you, we need to understand the meaning of these numbers first, 30K, 40K, and 80K. These numbers refer to the frequency of the ultrasound waves emitted by the machine during treatment. Cavitation machine uses a powerful sound wave head that emits sound waves at a specific frequency. These waves create a strong impact on the body's fat cells and create frictional movements between them. This process helps to break down fat cells and consume heat, and water from the cells, leading to the shrinkage of fat cells. Moreover, when the sound wave vibration makes a strong crack between the cells, as a result, they instantly burst, and reduce, this helps to achieve a slimmer look. While these machines selectively destroy low-density fatty tissue, they protect high-density tissue such as blood vessels and nerves. The key difference between 30K cavitation, 40K cavitation, and 80K cavitation is the frequency of ultrasound waves they emit. For instance, if you get 80-kilohertz cavitation that means it's going to fire off or pulse 80,000 times per second, if you get 30-kilohertz cavitation, it's going to pulse 30,000 kilohertz per second. As for the difference in treatment effect, a higher number doesn’t mean better treatment. Just because you are getting 80,000 ultrasound waves into the targeted area, it doesn't mean it's going to go as deep as the slower 30,000 kilohertz. It may sound a little bit confusing, in simple terms, when it comes to cavitation treatments, a slower frequency may be more effective, because the slower the frequency the deeper the waves penetrate. To help your clients dissolve thicker layers of fat, 30K and 40K cavitation machines perform better than 80K cavitation machines.

Why am I experiencing hot during cavitation treatment with a higher frequency?

People who opt for an 80K cavitation may feel warm in the treated area during the procedure. While the warm feeling goes away when they go down to 40K or 30K treatment, that’s a difference between high-frequency cavitation and low-frequency cavitation. As mentioned earlier, an 80K cavitation machine emits 80,000 ultrasound waves through the handle per second, which can cause the handle to warm up during use. Conversely, with lower-frequency cavitation machines like 40K and 30K, the handle usually stays cool as the cavitation process itself does not produce any heat. The only chance the cavitation handle will produce or throw off some heat is if the cavitation handle has a built-in radio frequency feature. The RF technology is designed to heat the deep layer of the dermis, which can result in a warm sensation during the treatment. 

Is it true that lower-frequency cavitation causes more severe squeals in the inner ears?

The high-frequency sound wave power of cavitation machines is incredibly strong. The sound waves with a frequency higher than 20kHz act on the fat layer 20mm deep under human skin through high-frequency sound wave focusing. The concentrated energy of the high-frequency sound waves creates friction and heat among the fat cells in the focal area, breaking them down and emulsifying them. This process emits sound, which can cause tinnitus. So, no matter if it is 30K, 40K, or 80K, technically there will occur tinnitus. However, some users report that as they increase the frequency, the less they hear it in their inner ear. So 80 kilohertz don’t seem to bother people in the inner ear. However, with the same frequency for some people, it’s just the buzz but for others, it’s a loud squeal, so that's something to consider when you are doing body sculpting and body contouring if you are sensitive to noise. At the same time, with the advancements in technologies, cavitation machines have been upgraded to minimize the bother of loud squeals, so nowadays you are free to have cavitation treatment with any frequency without worrying about tinnitus.

How to choose a best cavitation machine?

When it comes to choosing the best cavitation machine for you, there are many options to consider. With so many machines and features available, it can be overwhelming to decide which one will bring you the best results. To start, take a good look at your body in the mirror. Do you have large areas of fat that you want to take care of ? Do you have saggy skin that you want to take care of? If so, a stronger cavitation machine with an integrated strong radio frequency, such as a 30K, is your best option. If you have smaller areas of fat, then go for a 40K, it is an all-around product that will take care of the smaller areas of fat. If you don't have fat areas at all, you can go for a 60K or 80K. Usually, along with cavitation there are many other treatments for you to combine with, for instance, microcurrent and LED for product absorption and muscle toning, tightening the muscles in the face, and RF skin tightening along with vacuum therapy to tone and tighten the skin. Choose out of your situation, learn about your body first, then you can make the best choice!

Do you need conductive gel for cavitation treatment?

Cavitation is a simple procedure that shapes your body in places including the stomach, thighs, and arms. However, if you want even better results, consider using conductive gel during your session. Gels are beneficial since they protect and hydrate your skin while also extending the life of your cavitation device.

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