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High Frequency for Hair Growth Treatment: How It Works And Its Benefits

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The key to healthy hair is a healthy and cared-for scalp. While you can achieve a healthy scalp with a good diet, proper sleep, and other traditional methods, more modern products address hair fall. One of the most promising ones is typically a high frequency for hair growth.

This method uses high frequency comb for hair growth that creates ozone using electric energy from regular oxygen. This article will discuss how it works, some benefits of high frequency wand for hair growth, and more.

What is High Frequency for Hair Growth?

This treatment utilizes the ultraviolet and high frequency rays generated from a gun, comb, or wand that helps stimulate your hair follicles, boosting blood flow. It is used for hair loss and dandruff and promotes better scalp health. 

With the help of these rays from the high frequency comb for hair growth, your hair follicles receive more blood flow, giving them nutrients at the core. When the roots get more nutrients, they encourage more growth, making your hair more robust.

high frequency for hair growth

How Does High Frequency Work for Hair Growth?

The high frequency machine, rod, or comb generates 250,000 Hz frequency of electric simulation using a light bulb fixed with the rod to provide high frequency benefits. It can have a rod with two different knobs that are removable or will have a comb on one side. The shape of the comb makes it easy to comb your hair while applying the higher-frequency waves to your scalp. 

The same rod is often used on the face and body of the patient to help relieve pimples and acne. At the moment, the practice is still under research, and there is much more data that will support the benefits of high frequency devices.

How To Use High Frequency For Hair Growth?

If you don’t want to go to a clinic or practitioner for the treatment and have a high frequency wand for hair growth at home, please consider the following aspects.


Before starting any treatment, you should wash your hair with regular shampoo so that your scalp is clean and smooth. This preparation will help properly apply a mask or comb your hair with the high frequency wand for hair growth. You should avoid it if you have underlying conditions, as mentioned in the side effects section below.

Day of Treatment

Partition your hair into 5-6 sections using a band or salon tape to keep them in place. Charge your high frequency comb or machine and start combing for up to 10 minutes. You can top off the treatment by applying essential oils because this process dries the hair due to heat.


You can apply some hair mask or essential oils to further moisturize them. Anything you choose, you should properly wash your hair or scalp the next day for maximum benefit.

high frequency for hair growth

Benefits of High Frequency for Hair Growth

Let's discuss some of the benefits of high frequency comb for hair growth and why people get the treatment as much as possible.

1. Scalp Revitalization

High frequency wand for hair growth ensures that the electric current provides regular skin oxygenation due to the frequent oscillations. This frequency will enhance the blood flow to the scalp, thus transporting more nutrients and better cell care. So when your scalp gets more nutrients, the follicles will also get enhanced, and you will, in time, have healthier hair.

2. Lowers Hair Dandruff and Itchiness on the Scalp

The answer to “Does high frequency work for hair growth" is yes, as the machine helps activate sebaceous glands by better stimulating the scalp. Sebum, a natural substance, is produced from the stimulation of these glands. This substance helps moisturize the scalp and reduce hair loss. Furthermore, it can reduce dryness and dandruff when it kills bacteria, thus minimizing itchiness in the scalp.

3. No More Thin Hair

If more nutrients are provided due to better blood circulation, then no more unhealthy hair problem is common. The high frequency benefits the optimum blood supply, supporting the healthier growth of thin hair.

4. Scalp Soothing and Relaxation

As you have read, the treatment process involves massages and steam treatment; the scalp is much more relaxed afterward. One of the significant benefits of high frequency here is that the treatment is safe and relaxing.

5. Generation of New Cells

The high frequency wand before and after effects not just the older cells to get better but also exfoliates the scalp to generate new healthier cells. Once you start the treatment, you will observe enhanced cell turnover after a few weeks of high frequency for hair growth.

Are There Any Side Effects of High Frequency Comb for Hair Growth?

Following are some potential side effects:

  • If you don't moisturize properly, the hair can dry after each treatment.
  • After several treatments, you must observe if your scalp is more greasy than usual. If it is, it is the side effect of producing too much sebum due to over
  • Some users have experienced scarring or dark marks on the treated area. You should consult your doctor before proceeding further.

Should You Avoid High Frequency Wand for Hair Growth Treatment?

We do not recommend you go for treatment if you:

  • Have autoimmune disorders. In this case, rheumatoid arthritis is one such disorder.
  • Are using a pacemaker for your heart, or you have other similar implants that are metallic.
  • Are pregnant
high frequency for hair growth

General FAQs

1.Can you use the treatment everyday?

Definitely not, as it is a higher-frequency treatment. It would be best if you did not do it daily. Even if there are many benefits of high frequency, twice a week is enough as you may experience side effects such as we mentioned above if you do it more.

2.Is there any cream needed for hair growth treatment?

Many professional creams are available designed for oxygenating and are pretty standard for this type of treatment. It would help if you always used the treatment and the cream after consulting with your doctor or physician.

3. Does high frequency work for skin care?

Yes, the core idea behind high-frequency treatment is that it enhances the blood circulation to the skin cells, thus helping gain more glow and improved texture and tone. Furthermore, it nourishes the surface because more blood oxygen is supplied to the area. 

Final Thoughts

Please remember, while the treatment is safe and many people regularly use it and have borne good results, there isn't much research backing the claim. So always consult your doctor to understand the advantages and hazards of the treatment before you go for it.

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