Laser Lipo Machine At Home: Does It Really Work?

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Every day you wake up and hear of a new fat-reducing method that miraculously makes you slim and sheds all your weight. There are lots of laser lipo at home reviews about laser therapy, liposuction, surgeries, injectables; you name a procedure and people are going bonkers to get those done. But do they really work? At home laser lipo is safe?What is the the best at home laser lipo machine for you? Let us read more to get a good catch on this topic.

Obesity is one disease that slowly harbors all other diseases. That’s what most of us have heard growing up. With obesity as the problem, there is a jump of 28% among men and 50% in women who are beyond fat. This is one of the main reasons why people are finding different ways of fat removal to make their lives easy and livable.

Body contouring, shaping and fat reduction are common procedures in today’s times. While a lot of you can afford to go to a specialist for laser liposuction, some of you must be considering getting a laser lipo at home. Does it really work? How to use laser lipo machine at home correctly? Let’s see.

Why Do You Want To Do Laser Lipo At Home?

With DIY gaining popularity in almost every field, we are sure you want to try your hands doing a laser lipo yourself at home. While it is true that there is a wide range of machines available in the market for body sculpting, you can talk to an expert and then invest in getting one.

There are quite a few reasons why you should opt for laser lipo. They cut off unwanted fat from your body and contour it to a good shape. The three most important benefits include:

  1. Less Cost
  2. Painless
  3. No recovery time

Before invest in purchasing a Lipo Laser machine,let’s dig into something important?

What Is Laser Lipo?

Lipo Laser Therapy is a non-surgical procedure that targets fat from some parts of your body. It is important to note that this method is not appropriate for people who are extremely obese as the outcome will not be too drastic. You will not become a size zero overnight. However, with consistent exercise and a balanced diet, combined with a laser lipo, you can achieve effective results. Also known as the Low-Level Laser, it is recommended to anyone who wants to reduce fat from the stomach, face, chin, thighs, hips,or back.

The best part of a laser lipo is no knives at all. You don’t get any pricks, there are no cuts involved and you don’t see blood oozing out of your body. All in all, Laser Lipo is a substitute for liposuction without any operation. Involving a few laser treatments, usually three times for over 6-8 weeks, you will be able to see those extra flabby fats leaving your body, eventually making you happy and fit.

How do we do Laser Lipo at Home?

Doing lipo laser at home is no rocket science but you have got to be careful while performing it on yourself. As a layman, you may not be aware of a lot of hidden rules of laser lipo as compared to an experienced person doing it for you. However, the ease, convenience and comfort that you can get at home are unparallel.

A session normally takes around 20-30 minutes for about 10-12 weeks.Just operate under the instruction,the results can be seen in a few sessions only.

What Machines Are Used for Laser Lipo?

Since you now know the process of body cavitation, you can totally look for machines that can help you do lipo laser at home. But before you use them, please follow these tips:

Read the manual given at the back of your machine. Since you will be doing the process yourself, and you are not a practitioner, you need to be extra careful and follow the steps as they are mentioned.
Be gentle with yourself. Use the cavitation machine slowly and steadily. Don’t be in a rush. Let the machine do the magic for you.
Apply a gel necessarily. The movement will become easy.
We are listing down a list of laser lipo machines available in the market that can be used for weight loss purposes.

  1. 40k 6 In 1 Cavitation Machine Aristorm 2.5 With Lipo Laser 5wm
  2. 16 Pads 5wm Laser Lipo Machine Laser Lipo At Home
  3. 5mw Laser Lipo Machine For Home Use With 12 Paddles 
  4. Waist Daul Wavelenth Laser Lipo Belt With 105pcs Led Bulbs Laser Lipo At Home

How Does Laser Lipo Work?

The main motive of laser lipo is basically to shrink the fatty cells in your body. They don’t mess around with the direct elimination of fat cells as they are not meant to kill them. The infra-red rays thrown out of the laser machine penetrates into your skin and targets the areas with hidden fat cells. Those rays then break the fat cell wall releasing the fatty acids into the intestine. It is then that the fat excretes out of your body naturally.

Are these machines really effective?

Of course they are. There is a reason why so many brands are launching their laser lipo devices because they know the scope for fat removing machines. If you really want to know, what areas are they effective in then look at the list below.

  1. Shrink your fat cells.
  2. Contour your body.
  3. Uplift your skin.
  4. Rejuvenate and bring shine to your skin.
  5. Remove any lines or dead skin.
  6. Boost your confidence.

Risks associated with Lipo Laser:

Body cavitation or laser lipo at home come with their own set of risks. To be honest, when you are doing something new for the first time, the risk of failing is high. The same rule applies to laser lipo if you are doing it at home.

  1. There is a chance of you developing infections if the procedure is not done correctly.
  2. Moreover, blood clots and bruised tissues can also emerge in case of a negligence.
  3. Lack of peace of mind and anxiety can multiply because you won’t have any practitioner soothing your nerves for you.

    There will be minor side effects like the burning of the skin or discoloring but these are nothing to worry about if they do not stay long enough. The moment you feel extremely drained, uncomfortable or numbness, better get yourself checked.


    You all are busy, have less to no time for exercise, or even sit with the family to relax let alone look at your body and care for it. This is why you need devices to help yourself get to the best shape of your body. Whether you decide to go to a specialist or practice laser lipo at home, you need to be mentally prepared and totally get into the groove of setting your life and body well. Body cavitation or Laser Lipo is not too hard to do if you follow the instructions properly.

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