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The Ultimate Checklist for Starting Your Own Beauty Business

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You are a layman in the beauty business and considering opening a spa. You are stressed. You are overwhelmed and not sure if opening your spa is a good decision? Well, you don’t have to worry because this article will discuss the ultimate checklist for opening your spa in 2023.

The beauty industry comes with its rewards and challenges. You can provide your customers with unique facial and body services yet they’d flock out to a new spa with low prices. Starting a new spa is core hard work. With a shift in people’s choices to undergo non-invasive procedures, many spas are dedicating themselves to acquiring the best aesthetic equipment such as body sculpting machines and different types of facial equipment.

Let us take you on a brief journey where we help you carve out the activities for setting up and opening your spa.

Make a business plan

Making a business plan should be your first and foremost important plan. Think and work out the description of your salon, and plan out the financing and working capital for it. What is the spa’s mission? What are the financial projections? Discuss the marketing strategies to apply. Your working hours. The services and products your spa will offer and many other things. Before you practically work towards opening your spa, write all of these down on a piece of paper and implement them.

Choose a place for your spa

Choosing a place for your spa has to be the trickiest decision of all time. You want to see the hustle and bustle of a busy street. You want to attract potential clients. You want to own and design the most unique beauty salon. But on the other hand, you fear getting lost in the vicinity.  You have multiple salons already operating in the area. Your competition is high. Therefore, we suggest you factor in the following possibilities before choosing the final location.

  • Is it targeting the market that you want to cater to?
  • Does the location have multiple salons?
  • Is transport readily available for your employees and/or customers?
  • Is the spa area feasible?
  • Does it come into your price range?

Services to offer

While social media has set some abnormal beauty standards, it is not wrong to say that the cosmetic industry is booming these days.  A lot of women entrepreneurs are not aware of what is new and working in the market. There are many spas that also offer cosmetic services to enhance body and facial features. Non-invasive therapies have suddenly taken up a large market share in comparison to the usual cosmetic surgeries. List down the services that you can provide, for example, Cavitation Therapy, Laser Hair Removal, and Exfoliation and Face Lifting, etc.

Choose the best spa equipment

Besides offering various body and face services, try to partner up with companies such as Surebeauty that sell aesthetic spa equipment. Depending on the capital and the size of your business, you can also lease a wide range of spa business equipment, especially when you do not want to buy brand-new apparatus in cash. Procure environment-friendly and professional-grade aesthetic equipment for your use. Whatever you decide, you should know that the demand for spa equipment may change in the future. Below is a list of a few items that your spa should definitely have:

  • Massage tables/chairs
  • Linens
  • Washers and dryers for linens
  • Hot towel warmers
  • Storage
  • Eye and face masks
  • Shower supplies (soap, shampoo, conditioners)
  • Massage oils, incense, candles, and essential oils
  • Office equipment, like a front desk, chairs, and point-of-sale devices
  • Reception area furniture
  • Pedicure ottoman
  • An esthetician’s stool
  • Wax warmers
  • Hair removal lasers
  • Exfoliating devices/pumice stones
  • A Jacuzzi or other hydrotherapy tub or shower

Installing equipment and fixtures

After you have chosen the services and products you want to market, fix the equipment. Ensure that there is proper lighting and ventilation in the treatment rooms. Create an environment that is both comfortable and calm.

Hiring the best team

Don’t forget that people play the most important role in any business, especially if it is a spa. You can never flourish and run spa operations smoothly if you don’t have the right talent to work with. Advertise and look for the finest people around. Hire the best ones who are licensed and qualified. Give them training, and develop a staff policies handbook. Teach them hygiene protocols, customer service, procedures, and spa etiquette.

Devise a marketing strategy

You know how important is effective marketing. Work on your brand and design a logo. You live in a time where everything is digital. Create a website that clearly gives out information on your location, services, pricing, etc. Advertise your spa aggressively using all social media. Send cold emails. Collaborate with influencers. Make maximum use of the digital world.

Design an enterprising software

Have you heard the idiom, ‘Jack of all, master of none?’ This totally applies to you if you do everything simultaneously. You can either run all day-day operations or keep a check on the finances and the clients. You can run around checking the stocks or managing the payroll. As a boss lady, you must automate everything using a spa software system. You can hire a software designer or a freelancer with the acumen to create a hassle-free system. This will make your life easy and you can focus on delivering the best services to your clients.

Maintain Hygiene

When it comes to a spa, cleanliness is the most important factor that attracts customers. Establish hygiene etiquette for both the clients and staff. Hand sanitizers and tissues should be readily available at all points. Towels, covers, and sheets must be washed, replaced, and disposed of daily. No one wants to enter a dirty spa that stinks. Make sure your spa has a beautiful fragrance.


While opening your own spa seems challenging, it is one of the most lucrative businesses with maximum footfall. Planning properly and taking baby steps will ensure success in your spa business. Good luck!

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