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How to Get a Bigger and Firmer Butt with Vacuum Therapy?

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Desiring to have an hourglass body with a pulping backside is a dream that every woman yearns to have fulfilled. And to be honest, with so many body-lifting surgeries and therapies, it is not hard to achieve one. In an ideal world, you would want to have a perfect back but is it the case with all of you? No, right? Well, then we suggest that you probably look into butt lift machines to make your life easier.

Talking about buttocks, we know that buttock liposuction has been here for a while. Women want augmented butts for a fuller and bigger look. However, due to quite a few factors, people are opting for non-invasive methods such as butt vacuum therapy.

What is butt vacuum therapy?

Butt vacuum therapy is your next best move if you want to achieve the desired backside results. Butt lifting is effective and time-saving. You can tighten and add volume to your buttocks without even going under knives. Yup, you heard it right. Butt cupping machines are non-invasive. Butt lifting without surgery stimulates your muscles and drains all fatty tissues into the lymphatic system. As a result, you get to have very natural-looking, attractive, and voluminous buttocks.

Through butt vacuum therapy, you can attain a few benefits:

  • Increase blood circulation to the buttocks.
  • Reshape your backside to get a firmer, fuller shape.
  • Cleanse and smoothen the skin.
  • Break down fat tissues and excessive cellulite.
  • Remove hidden toxins in your muscles.

Vacuum therapy is inspired by the centuries-old Asian tradition called cupping therapy. Used in medieval times, cultures such as Egyptians, Middle Eastern, and Chinese would use cups to suck oxygen from the body. Its main objective was to create a vacuum in the body and use it to achieve desired results of relieving pain, blood flow, inflammation, etc. In the present age, the core intention of using vacuum therapy machines for butt lifts is to reshape the buttocks into a more alluring silhouette. The butt lift machine can be used not only for butt lifts but also for breast enhancement and back massage, etc. You wouldn’t be wrong if you call it a multi-functional beauty machine.

Gone are the days when you’d squat or regulate your eating habits to gain mass. Now, you have options to use a non-surgical butt lifting machine or cupping machine to effectively modify your rear side. 

How to use vacuum therapy machine for buttocks

Butt lifting machines have become very popular because of their simple, non-draining procedure. According to first-hand reviews, a single 30-minute butt cupping session is equal to 1000 squats. Isn’t that interesting? Let us now get into the nitty-gritty of the usage of a butt lifting machine.

Harboring the whole vacuum idea, the instrument uses cups of various sizes to produce suctions at different levels. The vacuum that builds inside the cups pressurizes local capillaries to increase cell viability, boosts body functions, and improves immunity.

The therapy sucks on the skin to stimulate blood flow on your buttocks, eventually firming up their muscles. Hence, the overall effect is the reduction of excessive cellulite, tightening of the skin and its underlying areas, restructuring, and adding volume to your buttocks.  

Let us now tell you the minute details from the beginning to the end of the butt lifting machine therapy. 





· There is no preparation required before you delve into the butt lifting vacuum therapy.

· Consult your cosmetic surgeon to get an idea of whether you need the treatment or not.

· Wear comfortable underwear so it is easier to place suction cups on your buttocks and thighs.




· After lying down, suction cups are placed on your back covering almost the whole buttocks area.

· The suction cups vacuum and pressurize the skin underneath, pulling it upwards, thereby, facilitating the circulation of the blood.

· The improved circulation tones and tightens the areas of your buttocks, eventually giving them the shape, you want.

· The whole process takes no longer than 30 minutes. It is of course divided into various sittings.




· There is no downtime after the butt cupping therapy. 

· You can resume your day-to-day activities right after taking the session.




Are you the right candidate for butt lifting vacuum therapy?

Before you choose to undergo butt vacuum therapy, please know that it is not a weight loss program. The only objective is to enhance and sculpt the tissues of your buttocks and give them a lifted shape. So how can you define whether you are fit to undergo the therapy or not? Well, the rule is very straightforward. You have got to be physically healthy. Neither underweight nor overweight. To summarize, any person can be a good candidate as long as he/she is fit and healthy.

How long does vacuum therapy buttocks last?

Since vacuum therapy is non-surgical and non-invasive, we are sure you are wondering about the time it can last. If we can be honest, then it can last for as long as 6 months or indefinitely. The result depends on how well you maintain it after getting the treatment done. 

You should treat it like any other cosmetic procedure if you want the therapy to last forever. Be mindful and schedule visits to maintain the busty look. The main objective of butt cupping vacuum therapy is to build on your buttocks, hence, getting 6-12 sessions spread weekly will give you a satisfied and voluminous backside.

What are the 5 best butt lifts?

Now that you have an idea about butt-lifting machines and the therapy, let us now discuss the best 5 butt lifts currently reigning the market.

PDO Butt Lift

One of the most effective ways to get a pompous and natural-looking backside is the PDO Butt Lift. Known to reduce the sagging of the buttocks, PDO is a non-surgical butt lift that uses threads to stimulate collagen and hold the skin against gravity. The threads scaffold and reshape the lousy buttocks to make them look more well-rounded. The threads get absorbed in the skin and are invisible. You need to get local anesthesia before the process starts. PDO butt lifts can stay for as long as 18-24 months, depending on the level of your maintenance.

Morpheus8 Body

Morpheus 8, a well-known facial, is now available for other body parts as well. It is one of the techniques that use micro-needling in and around your buttocks. It targets pockets of fats with the help of radio frequency. With the help of the heat delivered into the skin, the cellulitis shrinks and the surrounding area tightens, resulting in a contoured appearance of your buttocks.

SculpSure Non-surgical Butt Lift

Quite a popular device amongst the non-surgical butt lifting machines, SculpSure has taken the market by storm. Using pulsating laser rays, it targets and outlines the buttocks and accentuates the volume to make them look fuller. It is a 25 minutes session where the energy from the rays emits and directly hits the adipose tissue. Whether you want to lift your butts or remove excessive fats, the SculpSure Non-Surgical Butt Lift will help you fulfill your desire for a rounder butt. 


Emsculpt is another butt lifting machine therapy that is non-invasive with absolutely no downtime. Whether you want to gain muscles on your buttocks or target fats in that area, Emsculpt is your next best choice. It is a simple 30-minute session where you just have to lie down and let the machine do all the work. It is a special butt-cupping machine that uses high-intensity electromagnetic energy to penetrate the butt muscle and force it to contract. Since the machine does what you technically do in the gym every day, the muscles in your buttocks become stronger, adding volume to that flat butt of yours. 

GeneFill Non-Surgical Butt Lift

If you want to shape up your butt without selling your kidneys then you should opt for a GeneFill Non-Surgical Butt Lift. Dermal fillers lift and enhance the tone of your rear side and make it look plumper. These fillers are injected into the subcutaneous tissue of your buttocks with a cannula to avoid bruises. They help facilitate the production of collagen in the specified area; a substance that makes tones your body. Genefill is perhaps, a great innovation in butt lifts, without surgery. It stays for over 18-24 months, depending on how well you take care of yourself.  

Vacuum therapy buttocks side effects

Regardless of its non-invasive nature, vacuum therapy does have a few side effects. To be fair, it does not cause any pain but you may go through slight discomfort temporarily. 

  • May bruise and cause a tingling sensation
  • The skin may develop rashes
  • Severe acne on your buttocks
  • Redness and puffiness

However, vacuum machines are not recommended if you have or are the following:

  • Pregnant women
  • Blood circulation problems
  • Lymphatic system problems
  • Open wounds and lesions
  • Implants with electrical devices
  • Persons with mechanical implants like pacemakers
  • People with diabetes, paralysis, and vascular disorders
  • Persons who have already undergone plastic surgery on the buttocks

Vacuum therapy buttocks cost 

When it comes to buying a vacuum therapy machine for personal use, you should know that it is quite possible to purchase a vacuum therapy machine to be used at home. Let us tell you about the below 5 products that can save your visit to a cosmetologist. 

Vacuum Therapy Machine for Butt & Breast Enhancement

Vacuum Therapy Machine for Butt & Breast Enhancement

Priced at USD 265, this breast and butt lifting machine absorbs fat particles and fluid, which can then enter the breast/butt tissue and cells, making the breast/butt more developed.

    24 Cups Vacuum Therapy Machine 

    24 Cups Vacuum Therapy Machine

    Priced at USD 169, the portable and powerful vacuum therapy machine includes hoses, metal roller-ball cups, and 24 thick polycarbonate cups in a wide variety of sizes. This mighty little machine produces great suction and delivers reliable performance. 

      MiniCup Home Use Butt Lift Machine

      Home Use Butt Lift Machine

      Reasonably priced at USD 169, MiniCup is a device designed to help individuals tone and lift their buttocks in the comfort of their own homes. These machines typically use advanced vibration technology to stimulate the muscles in the glutes, which can help to tighten and tone the area, resulting in a firmer and more lifted appearance. 

        80K Cavitation Machine with Vacuum Therapy 

        80K Cavitation Machine with Vacuum Therapy

        Slightly on the higher end, the cavitation machine with vacuum therapy is priced at USD 1080. It works with ultrasound waves combined with vacuum therapy. It expels toxins, purifies the lymphatic system, refines skin pores, reshapes skin, improves micro circulation, and enhances collagen elasticity. Accurate for butt lifting, it can also enlarge your breasts or remove fat deposits around love handles.

        Emsculpt Machine with Vacuum Cupping Therapy 

        Emsculpt Machine with Vacuum Cupping Therapy

        A digital muscle stimulator, priced at USD 425, Emsculpt uses microcurrent therapy to promote blood circulation, and accelerate body metabolism and is good for body and buttocks shaping. 


        To conclude, getting rid of all the worries about your body and shaping it up with the best non-surgical option available will help tone and tighten up your buttocks and breasts. As you know that a firm, curvy and sexy body is a dream that every woman (irrespective of her age and color) envisions but cannot always attain. With no downtime, non surgical butt lift can enhance the size and shape of your buttocks and make that dream come true.

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