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Double Chin No More: Tips and Tricks to Sculpt Your Jawline

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Double chin, sometimes called submental fat, is a common condition in which a layer of fat grows beneath your chin. A double chin is generally caused by weight gain, however, it does not need to be overweight to have one. A double chin can also be caused by genetics or loose skin as a result of aging. There are many things you can do if you have a double chin and wish to get rid of it.

Lifestyle Changes to Reduce Double Chin

Making lifestyle adjustments is one of the most effective strategies to eliminate a double chin. It involves eating a nutritious diet and exercising regularly. A low-fat, high-fiber diet can help in overall body fat reduction, particularly submental fat. Here are some tips to help you make the best nutritional decisions:

  1. Reduce your consumption of processed meals, sugary beverages, and saturated fats. These foods are high in calories and can contribute to weight gain and fat deposits in the body, particularly around the chin.
  2. Add foods high in fiber to your daily routine, lean protein, and healthy fats, such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, fish, nuts, and seeds. These foods can help enhance metabolism, reduce cravings, and assist in weight loss.

In addition to diet, regular exercise can also help reduce double chin. Cardiovascular exercises like jogging, cycling, and swimming can help you burn calories and lose weight. Targeted exercises such as chin lifts and neck stretches can help tone the muscles in the chin and neck area, making them firmer and tighter. Here are some recommended exercises:

  1. Chin lifts: Stand or sit with your spine straight and tilt your head back until you are looking at the ceiling. Slightly press your tongue toward the roof of your mouth. Hold for 5-10 seconds and repeat the exercise 5-10 times.
  2. Neck stretches: Look up at the ceiling with your head tilted back. Move your head to the right and stretch your lower jaw forward. Hold for 5-10 seconds, repeat on the other side, and then release.
  3. Jaw stretches: Tilt your head back and gaze at the ceiling. To feel a stretch under the chin, move your lower jaw forward. Hold for 10 seconds. Relax the jaw to return the head to a neutral position.
  4. Tongue stretch: Stick your tongue out as far as you can while looking straight ahead. Raise your tongue and point it toward your nose. Hold for 10 seconds then release back to normal.

Non-Surgical Treatments for Double Chin

If lifestyle modifications aren't enough to decrease your double chin, there are a few non-surgical options. These non-surgical procedures are less invasive and can help minimize the appearance of a double chin. Here are a few examples of popular non-surgical treatments:

  • Mesotherapy:

Mesotherapy is a minimally invasive treatment that uses a series of injections to administer small amounts of fat-dissolving chemicals. A double chin may require 20 or more injections of deoxycholic acid per session. You can have up to six sessions in total, with a one-month gap between each.

If deoxycholic acid is injected incorrectly, it can cause severe nerve injury. These injections should only be performed by a doctor with plastic surgery experience or a dermatologist who is familiar with the medicine. Swelling, pain, bruising, numbness, and redness are possible side effects of deoxycholic acid and other mesotherapy injectables.

  • CoolSculpting:

CoolSculpting is a non-invasive procedure that uses freezing technology to remove fat cells under the chin. It is a safe and efficient procedure that can significantly minimize the appearance of a double chin in a few months. It is, however, costly, and can have certain side effects such as redness, swelling, and numbness.

  • Ultherapy:

Ultherapy is a non-invasive treatment that uses ultrasound energy to tighten and lift the skin in the chin area. It is a safe and effective treatment that can reduce the appearance of a double chin in just a few months. However, it can be expensive, and there may be some discomfort during the treatment.

Surgical Treatments for Double Chin

If non-surgical therapies are ineffective, or if you have a severe case of double chin, surgical treatments can be a possible solution. These procedures are more invasive and require more downtime, but the results can be more dramatic and long-lasting. Here are some surgical options:

  1. Liposuction:Liposuction is a surgical technique that removes fat from the area below the chin with the help of a small tube known as a cannula. It is an excellent treatment with immediate benefits. However, it can be costly and require several weeks of downtime.
  2. Neck lift:The neck lift is a surgical procedure that removes extra skin and tightens the muscles in the neck. It is a more intrusive treatment with remarkable outcomes. However, it can be costly and require several weeks of downtime.

Natural Remedies for Double Chin

There are various home remedies you can try if you want to minimize your double chin naturally. Green tea, cocoa butter, glycerin, and egg whites are all-natural remedies that have been proven to help reduce submental fat.

  • Green tea contains antioxidants that can help stimulate fat burning. Drinking green tea regularly can help you lose weight and reduce submental fat.
  • Cocoa butter is a natural moisturizer that can help firm and tighten the skin under the chin. Applying cocoa butter regularly to the neck and chin area can help reduce the appearance of a double chin.
  • Glycerin is another natural remedy that can help tighten the skin. Applying a mixture of glycerin and Epsom salt to the neck and chin area can help reduce the appearance of submental fat.
  • Egg whites are a natural source of protein that can help tighten the skin. Applying an egg-white mask to the neck and chin area can help firm and tone the skin.
  • Massage wheat germ oil under the chin for 10 minutes before sleeping. Wheat germ oil is high in vitamin E, which helps to tighten the skin around the jawline and minimize fat formation.
  • Mix one egg white with milk and honey. Apply a thin layer of this mixture and wait for it to dry. It should be washed with ordinary water. The skin-tightening characteristics of egg white, milk, and honey help in the reduction of the double chin.

While these natural remedies can be effective, keep in mind that they may not provide immediate or drastic results. Consistency and patience are key when using natural remedies.

The Best At-home Non-Invasive Treatment For Double Chin

If you're looking for a non-invasive and effective way to reduce your double chin, the Surebeauty's U-Shaped Cyrolipolysis Double Chin Removal Machine is a good choice for you. This machine uses the power of cold temperatures to freeze and destroy fat cells under the chin. This procedure is painless and non-invasive and can be done in the comfort of your own home.

The equipment works by vacuuming the skin in the chin area with a vacuum applicator, then chilling it to a temperature of roughly -10°C to 15°C. The cold temperature causes the fat cells to freeze and break down, leading to a reduction in submental fat. The treatment is painless, and there is no downtime required.

Benefits of the Surebeauty Cryo Face Machine include the following:

  • It is equipped with a temperature control and water control safety system for safe procedures.
  • The equipment can cool the targeted tissue to temperatures as low as -10°C to 15°C at up to 5Kpa for a maximum of 30 minutes.
  • The machine uses the latest cooling technique and can provide reliable fat freeze with no side effects, rebounding, wounds, or influence on daily activities. The procedure is non-anesthetic, painless, and does not result in bleeding or bruises.
  • The machine offers better results than RF and ultrasound treatments and is easy to operate with its user-friendly interface. There is no need for a long operation preparation period, and there is no downtime or recovery needed after the treatment.
  • One course of treatment can provide visible results after 1-2 sessions, which can last for 3-5 years.
  • The machine is suitable for all skin types and can be used on anyone with sagging or aging skin.
  • It is a faster procedure, with fewer steps, allowing patients to return to their daily activities in no time.


  1. The machine must only be operated by professionals.
  2. The machine should not be used without an antifreeze membrane.
  3. Patients with implanted cardiac pacemakers or other implanted electronic devices, life-sustaining artificial heart-lung machines, and portable ECG measurement equipment should not use the machine.
  4. Patients with acute conditions, malignancy, infectious diseases, pregnant women, heart problems, fever, undergoing operations, or experiencing abnormal body phenomena should consult with professional doctors before using the machine.
  5. Care should be taken when using the machine onindividuals with sensory or physical impairments.


Reducing a double chin can be a challenging task, but there are proven techniques and treatments that can help. Making lifestyle changes, such as maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine, can help reduce the appearance of submental fat. Non-surgical treatments, such as Mesotherapy, CoolSculpting, and Ultherapy, can also be effective. Surgical procedures, such as liposuction and neck lift surgery, can provide a more permanent solution. Natural remedies, such as green tea, cocoa butter, glycerin, and egg whites, can also be effective but require consistency and patience. Using the Surebeauty 360 Degree Cryo Facial Machine is a safe and effective way to reduce submental fat without the need for invasive surgery or painful injections. Remember to always consult with a qualified professional before starting any new treatment.

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