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Vacuum Therapy-Give Your Body The Treatment It Deserves

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Looking for a unique and unconventional treatment for a better body shaping in Summer? Vacuum Cupping Therapy might just be the solution you've been seeking!

Placing suction cups on the body, this technique can not only enhance the appearance of your butt or breasts but also provide relief from various physical conditions.From headaches to musculoskeletal problems, cupping therapy offers a holistic approach to your wellness journey. Why not give it a try?

You will see the following in this article:

1.What is vacuum therapy?

2.Does vacuum therapy really work?

3.Vacuum therapy machine benifits

4.Is vacuum therapy machine dangerous?

5. What is the side effect of a vacuum therapy machine?

6.How long does it take to see the results of the vacuum therapy?

7.How long doesvacuum therapy results last?

8.Tips After treatment

9.Who can’t use a vacuum therapy machine? 

10.Does vacuum therapy work for cellulite?

11.Buy your own vacuum therapy lifting machine to do the treatments yourself at home or go to a professional?

What is vacuum therapy?

Vacuum therapy – therapeutic local application of air with a pressure below atmospheric. It is also known as local decompression, cupping massage, vacuum massage etc. Vacuum therapy in cosmetology is represented by vacuum massage, vacuum lymphatic drainage, vacuum cleaning and cupping massage. Vacuum massage and lymphatic drainage are used in body sculpting and facial cosmetology, vacuum cleaning is a gentle way of cleansing pores, cupping massage is most often used in breast enhancement and butt lift.

Does vacuum therapy really work?

The cupping vacuum therapy machine is the ultimate choice for those seeking top-notch body treatments! This state-of-the-art machine effectively targets cellulite and stubborn fat deposits, while simultaneously sculpting and massaging the body, leading to enhanced skin elasticity.

During the procedure, the targeted body part is flooded with oxygen-rich blood, nourishing the tissues and promoting optimal blood circulation throughout the body. This leads to an overall improvement in the metabolic process, elevating your entire body to new heights of vitality.

With a vacuum therapy machine, every part of the body can benefit, leading to localized enhancements that have a global impact on your well-being. Experience the unparalleled benefits of vacuum therapy today!

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Vacuum therapy machine benefits

Breast: It uses the most advanced vacuum negative pressure technology to dynamically suck and release the breasts, giving them an effective deep stretching massage, deep draining of the breasts and improving lymphatic obstruction. You will see a lifting and firming effect on your breasts at first use.

Buttocks: Relaxes the muscles through negative pressure, increases local blood circulation, prevents muscle atrophy, relieves muscle spasm, relieves sagging caused by muscle relaxation, stimulates muscle contraction movements, and makes the buttocks plump.

Face:  The special handle for the face helps to deep cleanse the skin, unclog pores and improve enlarged pores, while the negative pressure accelerates blood circulation and metabolism, thus lifting the facial skin and creating a clearer facial contour. 

Back:  It can help relieve shoulder and back pain, improve neck hump, unblock the meridians, improve the meridians in blockage while accelerating blood circulation and metabolism. It helps to improve the quality of sleep by improving the blood supply function to the head, for shaping, it reduces back fat and improves the body shape.

Whole body lymphatic: It stimulates the activity of the lymphatic area, accelerates lymphatic flow and circulation, helps the body to move waste through the lymphatic system, increases the productivity of lymphocytes and enhances the function of the immune system.

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Is a vacuum therapy machine dangerous?

The vacuum therapy machine is a highly effective and targeted device for enhancing breast size, operating on the principles of physiology and the physical suction theory. With its gentle yet focused approach, it primarily targets the breast muscles, which are located adjacent to the neural tissue and eventually reach the pituitary gland.

By stimulating the pituitary gland to release hormones, this machine effectively exercises and enhances the elasticity and fiber function of the muscular tissue, resulting in natural and significant breast enlargement.

Extensive clinical trials have proven that this approach is safe for the human body and produces excellent results for enhancing breast beauty.

What is the side effect of a vacuum therapy machine?

Get ready for a painless and non-invasive transformation with a Vacuum Therapy Machine! This revolutionary treatment boasts minimal side effects, leaving you with nothing to worry about except enjoying incredible results.

While slight pain and tightness are possible post-treatment, they're no match for the amazing benefits you'll experience. And, if you notice some mild swelling in the treated area, don't fret - it's completely normal and will subside in no time. So, go ahead and take the leap toward your dream body with Vacuum Therapy - your path to beauty just got a whole lot smoother!

How long does it take to see the results of the vacuum therapy?

While the effect of treatment may vary from person to person, one thing is for sure - to really make a difference, a dosage of 6 to 10 times is the way to go!

How long do vacuum therapy machine buttocks last?

Unlock your unique beauty potential with our non-surgical vacuum therapy treatment, where results are tailored to your individual needs. Enjoy a semi-permanent transformation that lasts for up to 6 months, giving you the freedom to shine with confidence!

Tips after treatment

  1. Take a shower 4-6 hours after the treatment.
  2. Avoid getting cold in wind.
  3. Avoid eating spicy and oily food.
  4. Drink plenty of warm water to help metabolism.
  5. Avoid staying up late, smoking and alcohol.
  6. Wear shaped and comfortable underwear and do not squeeze your breasts hard (after breast treatment).

Who can’t use a vacuum therapy machine?

Before using this instrument, it's important to consult with a professional to ensure it's safe for you. Here are some factors to consider:

  1. If you're pregnant or nursing, it's best to avoid using the instrument.
  2. Individuals with heart diseases or pacemakers should also avoid using the instrument.
  3. If you have any unhealed incisions or are currently recovering from an injury or surgery, it's best to steer clear of the instrument. 
  4. The instrument may not be suitable for individuals with conditions such as epilepsy, severe diabetes, and hyperthyroidism.
  5. Those with malignant tumors, hemophilia, or who experience severe bleeding should not use the instrument.
  6. Individuals with skin diseases or infectious diseases should also avoid using the instrument. 
  7. If you have metal implants such as a stent or pacemaker or are allergic to metals, it's best to avoid using the instrument.

Is vacuum therapy effective for fat loss?

Vacuum therapy treatment allows for deep lymphatic drainage of the body's tissues. This allows stagnant liquid and fat to be removed from the system more easily.Vacuum therapy is thus effective in fat loss, particularly in the stomach, thighs, and buttocks.

Should you buy your own vacuum therapy machine and do the treatments yourself at home, or seek professional help?

Few people are aware that a kit containing a vacuum therapy machine and a training guide can be purchased for people who prefer to do the treatment themselves at home rather than rely on a professional for each session. Both options have advantages, and you must decide for yourself. We know that a professional will be able to treat and guide you without you having to undergo any training. On the other hand, having your own machine at home will allow you to save a significant amount of money.Compared to paying a professional for each session, this is a steal. Keep in mind that a session will cost between $60 and $120 USD, and that you will need at least 6 to 8 sessions to achieve satisfactory results. Another advantage of owning your own machine is that you will be able to achieve better long-term results because you will be able to administer as many treatments as you want. While the number of sessions you can get at a beauty salon is limited by the size of your wallet, having your own machine allows you to have an unlimited number of sessions. Given that the effectiveness of vacuum lifting is highly dependent on the number of sessions received, this is a significant advantage.

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