Vacuum Therapy Machine: Butt Lift, Breat Enhance, Relief For The Face, Head And Neck

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In recent years, vacuum therapy machine have become a common instrument in beauty salons, buttocks lift, breast enlargement, lymphatic drainage, back massage... as if vacuum therapy machines can do everything, is it really with such a great effect? Why does beauty salons favor it so much? You will see the following in this article:

  1. What is vacuum therapy?
  2. How vacuum therapy machine work?
  3. Effectsof vacuum therapy
  4. Main functionsof vacuum therapy machine
  5. Tips After treatment


What is vacuum therapy[cupping machine]?

Vacuum therapy – therapeutic local application of air with a pressure below atmospheric. It is also known as local decompression, cupping massage, vacuum massage etc. Vacuum therapy in cosmetology is represented by vacuum massage, vacuum lymphatic drainage, vacuum cleaning and cupping massage. Vacuum massage and lymphatic drainage are used in body sculpting and facial cosmetology, vacuum cleaning is a gentle way of cleansing pores, cupping massage is most often used in breast enhancement and butt lift.


How vacuum therapy machine work?

Our skin is not only the protective layer of the human body, but also an organ that functions in unity with the whole organism. Therefore, any abnormalities in the work of organs or diseases affect the condition of the skin. A decrease in pressure in a limited area could significantly change the normal ratio of hydrostatic and oncotic pressure gradients in the underlying blood and lymphatic vessels, which leads to an acceleration of metabolism in the treatment area.

With local decompression, the permeability of the endothelial cells of the superficial dermal vascular plexus increases until the capillary wall beneath ruptures. As a result, spot hemorrhages (petechiae) occur on the skin. The number of active neutrophils and macrophages increases, which utilize the products of inflammation and stimulate tissue regeneration, meanwhile, the products of erythrocyte lysis stimulate local immunity and activate hematopoiesis.

By increasing local blood flow and lymph flow, intercellular spaces are drained and tissue edema is reduced. Increased blood flow leads to an acceleration of lipolysis processes, as well as to the resorption of fibrous elements in the cellulite zone. The resulting skin-visceral reflexes change the blood supply to the internal organs, segmentally associated with the impact zone.


vacuum therapy machine back treatment

Thus, vacuum therapy on tissues causes the following effects:

  1. For breast: breast plumping & lifting, correct nipple & chest, recover breast elasticity.
  2. For face: face thinning, remove nose blackhead, acne, eye circle, eye bag, blood marks, double chin & lifting canthus.
  3. For back: Negative pressure metabolism, remove measles, press cavity, toxin excrete, tighten skin, improve skin elasticity, lymph’s toxin removal.
  4. For whole body: losing weight, slimming, tightening abdomens, slimming waist.


Main functions of vacuum therapy machine

Breast: It uses the most advanced vacuum negative pressure technology to dynamically suck and release the breasts, giving them an effective deep stretching massage, deep draining of the breasts and improving lymphatic obstruction. You will see a lifting and firming effect on your breasts at first use.

Buttocks: Relaxes the muscles through negative pressure, increases local blood circulation, prevents muscle atrophy, relieves muscle spasm, relieves sagging caused by muscle relaxation, stimulates muscle contraction movements, and makes the buttocks plump.

Face:  The special handle for the face helps to deep cleanse the skin, unclog pores and improve enlarged pores, while the negative pressure accelerates blood circulation and metabolism, thus lifting the facial skin and creating a clearer facial contour. 

Back:  It can help relieve shoulder and back pain, improve neck hump, unblock the meridians, improve the meridians in blockage while accelerating blood circulation and metabolism. It helps to improve the quality of sleep by improving the blood supply function to the head, for shaping, it reduces back fat and improves the body shape.

Whole body lymphatic: It stimulates the activity of the lymphatic area, accelerates lymphatic flow and circulation, helps the body to move waste through the lymphatic system, increases the productivity of lymphocytes and enhances the function of the immune system.


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Tips after treatment

  1. Take a shower 4-6 hours after the treatment.
  2. Avoid getting cold in wind.
  3. Avoid eating spicy and oily food.
  4. Drink plenty of warm water to help metabolism.
  5. Avoid staying up late, smoking and alcohol.
  6. Wear shaped and comfortable underwear and do not squeeze your breasts hard (after breast treatment).




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