The Side Effects of Ultrasonic Cavitation

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The Side Effects of Ultrasonic Cavitation

A charming body curve is the goal of many women. But the long and complex weight reduction procedures often discourage us from pursuing it.

There are lots of ways to lose weight. The majority choose to go on diets and exercise. But these two methods require perseverance, and you need to establish rational plans to achieve it. Typically, people can’t carry it through, resulting in a weight loss failure. As people’s awareness of weight loss increases, more and more people turn to body slimming with ultrasonic waves. Gradually, the ultrasonic cavitation machine enters our life. Some people say it presents an excellent effect on weight loss. But some worry that it causes harm to the body.

The machine can effectively promote tissue metabolism, remove cellulite, and firm the skin. Mainly, an ultrasonic cavitation machine utilizes a strong sound wave head that can emit a sound wave of a frequency of 40,000Hz. When the sound waves vibrate, they can produce a strong strike among cells, making them burst instantly and lessening the number of fat cells to achieve fat removal. It rapidly shakes fat cells, creating countless vacuum holes inside and outside fat cells. And it powerfully strikes fat cells, making them generate inward blast and decomposing triglycerides into glycerinum and free fatty acid, which are discharged from the body with radiofrequency waves of a frequency of 0.5Mhz. Last, the red light and energy blast fat to tighten the body so that weight loss and body shaping are achieved.

According to TCM, an obese abdomen is usually the result of an obstructed Daimai (GB26), a unique body channel. TCM says a person with a fatty abdomen has “phlegmatic hygrosis.” It blocks channels and collaterals, resulting in an obstructed Qiblood circulation. It triggers a series of problems and poses a great threat to health. The cavitation machine uses ultrasonic waves to dredge channels

and collaterals deeply, strike the adipose layer, dissolve deep and deep-seated fat, promote nerve conduction, and stimulate blood circulation. By doing so, it can make Qi-blood circulation smooth in a short period, eliminate phlegmatic hygrosis, activate lipolysis, drain the left moisture on the surface tissue, improve the exchange between blood and lymph, enhance cell functions, eliminate toxins and wastes, generate muscle contraction that similar to natural exercise, and relieve the shabby muscle. Thus, it achieves body shaping and effectively reduces weight.

Lots of obese people look strong, but in fact, they are deficiency-cold type.

Especially those with lots of fat on the belly and whose swim-ring like waist become bigger and bigger can not ignore their coldnatured physique. Those people instinctively increase fat to warm their bodies because they know their bodies lack Yang. But if the fat is too much, dirt and toxins inside the body increase as well. It’s a trend to use an ultrasonic cavitation machine to lose weight. The device can deliver a good effect.

An organized highfrequency vibration can relax the buttocks, legs, and waist muscles and speed up blood circulation. Using a fat reduction machine can accelerate the decomposition of lactic acid and alleviate muscle soreness after exercise. Using the vibration featured by high-frequency and low-amplitude can relieve awkward legs caused by rheumatism and unbalanced walking triggered by no walking for a long time. Its curative effect has gained recognition from various fields.

The advantages of the ultrasonic cavitation machine are as follows. It blasts fat to firm skin, remove wrinkles, boost skin metabolism, fight against aging, and reduce weight (rapidly eliminate fat and sculpt the arms, abdomen, waist, buttocks, and legs); it accelerates the metabolic rate and speeds up the elimination of body wastes and dampness; it relaxes the muscle, relieves muscle spasm, and alleviates muscle soreness. As for the harms, it’s not advised to use the machine too often since it involves ultrasonic waves. In addition, those in pregnancy or menstruation, with epilepsy, heart disease (such as arrhythmia), a heart pacemaker, cancer, infectious disease, diabetes, any metal implants inside the body, wounds on the skin, or who had major surgery are prohibited from using it.

Therefore, you should be fully aware of whether you can use the machine or not. Remove all the metal objects from the body to avoid harm.

If you want to lose weight, take action now. There is no time to delay. The key to weight loss is a suitable method.

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